My Story

Ever since I first heard Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" I knew what I wanted to do with my life — learn how to record and produce music. Well guess what? That's exactly what I did, and ever since, my team has worked with top level artists such as Adele, Usher, Trey Songs, Gucci Mane, Nikki Minaj , Indie Artists and more! What's my secret? What can I say, I love making music! 


As the founder and CEO of Pop Icon Records, and Futurenomic Resources, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Philanthropist, and Digital Music Consultant , Adon Icon is in position to be the next big music mogul.

loud, drunk,         crazy!!!

"Loud Drunk Crazy" Available 3.22.15 Preorder the album and get the single "Loud Drunk Crazy" instantly!http://adonicon.com